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About the Seminar

The Foundation for the Management of European Lifelong Learning Programmes which is the Cyprus National Agency of the Erasmus+ Programme, is pleased to welcome you to the Erasmus+ Contact Seminar that will take place in Larnaca, Cyprus on 8 - 10 November 2017.

Approximately 40 representatives from 16 European countries and various organisations that are active in the fields of Vocational Education and Training (VET) and Adult Education, will participate in the seminar with the theme “Quality cooperation/applications in VET and Adult Education”. 

The main aim of the Contact Seminar is to focus on the quality of Key Action 2 (KA2) Strategic Partnership applications and at the same time offer the opportunity to all participants to come together, discuss, find partners from other European countries and strategically plan a quality cooperation KA2 project, in the sector and field of their interest.

The deadline for participants’ online registration is the 30th September and only participants who have been approved by their National Agencies may register to the event.

Overview of the Contact Seminar
08.11.2017 - 10.11.2017
Key Action 2 Strategic Partnerships - VET and Adult Education Sectors
Target group
People working or having a special interest in VET and Adult Education
(VET and Adult educators/trainers/teachers)
Working language
Number of participants
40 participants approximately
Participating Countries
Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Ireland, Luxembourg, Austria, The Netherlands, Estonia, Greece, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Latvia, Portugal, Croatia, Poland and Cyprus
Cost Details
The Cyprus National Agency will cover all meals and cultural activities offered during the event. There is no extra Contact Seminar participation fee imposed on the participants, however participants will have to arrange and cover on their own their travel expenses (including transportation from/to the airport) and their accommodation.

More information on accomondation costs and bookings
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